Saturday, 27 September 2008


Thanks to Antonio Mori :
The procedure of damn small linux, a distro based on debian of 50 mb with many fundamental
programs that you find inside big distros.
This is the procedure of installation in few steps, anyone can do it.
1) Copy iso of damn small linux after having downloaded from official web-site on a cdrom
2) Insert you usb stick in your pc, you need only a pen of 128 mb
3) Insert cd with the isd of damn small linux into computer and start it on boot from cdrom
4) On desktop of damn small linux click in a empty point with right bottom of mouse
5) Apps>>Tools>>Install to USB pen drive>>For USB-HDD Pendrive
at this point, it will be required the name device stick, digit sda at the second question type of
card etc... Leave empty and pass beyond with Enter
At required of keyboard digit it and voilĂ  the procedure is done after some minutes, you'll
have the damn small linux on usb stick.
Easy no ???
Try tro believe, it's more difficult to explain that do it.
To start it from usb stick, you need only to boot from your computer is set on pen-hdd

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