Friday, 25 November 2016

Terramodel version 10.50 - Volume

Step by step how to calculate volume using by Terramodel

1. Import Data ASCII

2. Setting Data as 1st Layer "Bottom" and Continue next data as 2nd Layer "TOP)

3. Create Generate Contours 1st layer (Bottom)

4. Setting as Layer Contour "Sur_Bottom"

5. Setting Contour as below picture

6. Next Generate Contour (Top)

7. Setting as Layer Contours "Sur_Top"

8. Click DTM --- Earthwork Report 

9. Setting "Surface to Surface , 1st Layer (Sur_Bottom) and 2nd Layer (Sur_Top) and Click "OK"

10. Result of Volume as below Picture

11. Result of Contours as below

12. 3D Picture as below

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