Friday, 10 March 2017

Valeport 740 --- Command Codes To Check Model 740

Connect the Model 740 to a PC (as you would do if you were going to use Tidelog) (Plug in 9 way serial connector).

Open HyperTerminal and create a new connection named

Set the properties of HyperTerminal to the following:

Comm port properties – Settings - Windows keys

Backspace key sends         Ctrl + H

                Emulation                             ANSI

                Telnet terminal Id                ANSI

                Backscroll buffer lines        500


ASCII set up - Sending

Check the box labelled

                Send line ends with line feed

                Line delay                                             0

                Character delay                                   0



Check the boxes labelled

                Wrap lines exceeding terminal width



                Bits                                         4800

                data Bits                                                8

                Parity                                     none

                Stop bits                                                1

                Flow control                          none

Please save the responses of the Model 740 to a text file.


A text document can be set up as follows:

Open Windows Explorer and open the directory in which you wish the text document to be created. Select file, New and then new text document. Apply a new name to the text document. Close Explorer. In HyperTerminal, select the transfer menu and then capture text. A dialogue box will appear asking you where you wish to log the data. Select the text file you have just created. Select Start to begin capturing the data.

Apply power to the Model 740 (By plugging in data lead). To establish communications with the instrument, press the # key then the carriage return key continually. The # character will scroll down the screen as normal until the Ack (♠) sign appears. When this happens, communications will have been established. Follow the procedure as outlined below noting down all responses.


If you have an American keyboard, the # key is Shift 3. Note, the carriage return key is not the same as the Enter key on the number pad. It usually has this symbol on it ¿


Please type the following, where indicates the carriage return key:


#015                                               returns software version

#003                                               returns the serial number

#008 BOTH                                  Set the logging / output to BOTH

#028                                               Run the unit

After you have finished this procedure, select transfer, capture text and stop

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