Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Setup Repositories Linux Mint in Local using DEB UBUNTU

Here I Would like to update Linux Mint using DEB File Using Ubuntu DEB
We Need such as Tea, MP3, POP Mie :-)

Step by Step
1. Copy All DVD DEB Ubuntu in Local Linux Mint
Folder Disks and Pool, and Create Folder for Disk 1 = 1 , Disk 2 = 2
Example : ///media/disk/REPO_UBUNTU/1
///media/disk/REPO_UBUNTU/2 ---- till all DVD Ubuntu
2. Type $ CHMOD -R 777 * ---> For All Folder We Have Done Copy
3. Click Package Manager

2. Click Setting ---> Repositories

3. Type Setting Repositories

note :
also you can add in /etc/apt/sources.list

4. Click RELOAD for Ensure your Setting is Correct

5. Now You Add Software as you want

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