Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Solaris (Unix) Directories in Synchro

The Cadence Debugger is an incremental editor, line-by-line compiler and incremen-
tal source code debugger. Statements are compiled as they are entered, providing
real-time syntax checking with helpful error messages. The Debugger allows execu-
tion instantaneously following code changes. Immediate-mode execution of Cadence
statements and procedures speeds program development by allowing experimenta-
tion, without requiring actual modification of the program. A test program can be
stopped at a breakpoint, modified, then resumed. Test programs with compile errors
are allowed to execute until an error is encountered. The error can then be stepped
over and execution continued. Sections of the test program may be executed in any
order. The execution pointer, showing which line is about to be executed, can be moved
so that sections of code can be repeated or skipped.

A debugger can also be started from shell prompt
Ex : basyn10 > Led “Test_Program_name”

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