Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Driver Windows Wireless using in OS LINUX

Before go to sleep, I try using CD LIVE Mint 5, coz in here I can Play 3D condition my PC.

I would like to try Access Wi-FI
I Have Found Something
The OS Linux Mint Can Update Wi-Fi Driver using Windows Driver
Step by Step
1. >> Adminstartor ---> Windows Network Driver


3. Click Active Button Wireless Network

enjoy your Wi-Fi

Freedom for Elegant (Motto of Mint)

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Anonymous said...

Eh, mas.

I'm using Ubuntu II. I activate the WIFI driver by using online update. Just click on the restricted hardware driver, and it's downloaded into my system. So far, I never try the WIFI. So, I can't tell you it's effective or not.

My question is what's the different between ndiswrapper and above trick.