Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Tools Command Debugging FLEX Tester (no#2)

1. TheHdw.Alarms.Alarmcheck
This command checks, reports and clears all latched alarms. It does not change the state
(open/close) of the alarm window. By default, alarms are checked only during measurement or
at the limit check. This command can be applied during any point in a test program execution.
This command is read only. And return type is Boolean.
2. TheHdw.Alarms.DumpStates
This command checks and reports the alarms and/or shutdown found in the system to the
output window. This command does not clear alarms. This command is useful for monitoring
alarms during debug work.
This command is read only. And return type is text into the output window.
3. TheHdw.Alarms.EnableAll
This command returns all tester instrumentation alarm setting/behavior to their default values.
4. TheHdw.WindowNesting
This command returns the alarm window nesting level. If the return value is greater than zero,
the alarm window is open; any alarms that occur will be latched and reported at the next alarm
check. If the value is zero, the alarm window is closed. Any alarms that have been latched
when this nesting level is zero will be cleared prior to the alarm window opening.
This command is read only. And return type is integer.
Teradyne Users Group – 2006 – Marriott Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra, FL 21
5. TheHdw.Digital.Patterns.Pat.StartStop(StartLabel, StopLabel,
This command has two features. The first one inserts a pattern halt at StopLabel specified.
(Any previous StopLabel is removed.) The pattern halt at StopLabel is inserted by modifying
the pattern in tester memory. The second one controls the alarm window. When
DisableAlarmcheck is set to True, the pattern is started without opening alarm window.
Differences between Run, Start and StartStop
a. TheHdw.Digital.Patterns.Pat.Run (StartLabel)
Alarm window is opened at pattern start and closed at the pattern is stopped. Alarms will be
reported right after the pattern is stopped. The VBT section of the program will be stopped
waiting for the pattern to complete.
Figure 9 –Alarm Window Open Close with .Run
b. TheHdw.Digital.Patterns.Pat.Start (StartLabel)
Alarm window is opened at pattern start. And the alarm window is closed at .HaltWait or
.Halt command and alarms will be reported. The alarm window is not close by the halt
microcode in the pattern.
Figure 10 –Alarm Window Open Close with .Start
c. TheHdw.Digital.Patterns.Pat.StartStop(StartLabel,
When the DisableAlarmcheck is set to True, alarm window will not be opened at pattern
start. If alarms were latched before, durning and after the pattern start in some
instruments, the latched alarms will be report at .HaltWait or .Halt command.
Figure 11 –Alarm Window Open Close with .StartStop
Teradyne Users Group – 2006 – Marriott Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra, FL 22
6. Trap on Alarm
This feature allows the test program to stop execution at point where a latched hardware alarm
is detected.
The Trap on Alarm feature is enabled from the Setup Tab in Run Options.

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