Monday, 27 October 2008

Command Networking in Linux (page1)

If We Want To Learn and Study Networking Method, better we go to UNIX or Linux 1st
All the big, userfriendly Linux distributions come with various graphical tools, allowing for easy setup of the
computer in a local network, for connecting it to an Internet Service Provider or for wireless access. These
tools can be started up from the command line or from a menu:

--> Ubuntu configuration is done selecting System->Administration->Networking.
--> RedHat Linux comes with redhat-config-network, which has both a graphical and a text mode

--> Suse's YAST or YAST2 is an all-in-one configuration tool.
--> Mandrake/Mandriva comes with a Network and Internet Configuration Wizard, which is preferably

started up from Mandrake's Control Center.
· On Gnome systems: gnome-network-preferences.
· On KDE systems: knetworkconf.
Your system documentation provides plenty of advice and information about availability and use of tools

Here is Networking Table Command, if any Missing please update me :-)

Introduction to Linux (Machtelt Garrels)

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